5 Easy and Fun No-Knit Yarn Crafts to Try During Downtime

Crafting with yarn is a blast. Unfortunately, that means knitting needles that don’t mix well with kids. Thankfully, there are ways for children to enjoy projects without the close contact of needles – teach them some crafts that don’t involve stitching at all!

5 Easy and Fun No-Knit Yarn Crafts to Try During Downtime

#1.Tube Knitting Soft Strands

All you need for this and the next craft below is a tube for knitting, and that is the easiest thing to make. You can find every material you’ll need around your home! And your kids will undoubtedly enjoy this brilliant method – it’s fun and can’t harm them! Get a toilet paper roll, some rubber bands, and popsicle sticks – that’s all. Some tape might be useful too! As soon as you make your tube, you can start the easy and enjoyable craft!

#2. Tube Knitting Fuzzy Friends

Have you tried making puppet theater with your child? Probably more than once since puppet theater has always been fun for children, but have you tried doing it with yarn animals? Using the gadget you’ve already had to make for the craft mentioned above, use it once more to create every animal for your child’s finger and have a good time!

#3. No-Knit Loom Yarn-Weaving

For this craft, you need only two supplies, which you can easily find – and some wool thread! And your children can make crafts, just like in the olden days. Get a piece of cardboard, cut it into even slits and attach it to a stick – it can even be a stick from a tree outside. Once that’s done, show your kids how to weave through the slits, and they can make beautiful woven pieces!

#4. Beautiful Loom-Weave Bookmarks

Do you or your kids enjoy reading? Why not have them create some fun bookmarks to save the page you’re on when you have to put the book down? You can even use the do-it-yourself loom you made for the previous craft. Go out and buy some colorful yarn and have your kids weave it through the loom to make a good-sized bookmark. Make the edges frizzy, and violà – you will have a beautiful bookmark for everyone’s favorite read!

#5. Stitch Up Some Lovely Graphics

Stitching yarn graphics has never been easier for your children! All you need is a thread and some templates which you can find online. You can have them stitch a picture frame, a nice flower, or any other shape – maybe even a snowflake for the winter season. You need to provide them with a plastic needle, so it’s not dangerous for them, and have them follow the directional arrows – you will have beautifully stitched crafts in no time!

You don’t have to be an expert or make your children experts in knitting only to enjoy beautiful yarn crafts. You need some materials that are easily found at home, some time to show them how the crafts should be completed, and you’ll have them busy for hours! And you don’t have to worry about them getting hurt – you’ll find the best supplies that will be safe for use!