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About doceo

The Doceo Platform is where teachers and instructors can interact on a real-time face-to-face platform. It provides everything a teacher, trainer, or instructor needs to run a tutoring, teaching, training, or instruction business, including the ability to reach their customers, acquire new customers, build and improve relationships with customers, teach and instruct interactively real-time and manage the business financials. 

Are you a Teacher, Fitness Instructor, Personal Trainer, a Chef, Mixologist, or a Baker?

This platform is designed for tutors, teachers (Math, Reading, Science, Languages, Music..), Instructor - (fitness, Yoga, Pilates, exercise, weight loss....) as well as Craft and Skills (cooking, crafts, sewing, knitting, woodworking....) to teach their skills to others and make money?

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Are you an Event Host? Do you have fundraising goals and events you need to provide to your audience/guest but can’t provide them physically?

Doceo Event-App. A live, interactive platform for collaborative Fund Raising and Events. The Doceo platform and marketplace is designed to enable Event Host to manage and grow their fundraising activities and events.

Here’s a way to reach your audience/guest virtually and raise funding no matter where they are.
The virtual platform handles all of the technology, e-commerce, data collection, reporting, analytics, and customer relationship management. Allowing you can focus on what you do best, delivering the best events (concerts, presentations, shows...) and raising funds for you or your clients.


Our goal is to enable people to leverage their skills to build sustainability and self-sufficiency in their businesses that fill a real need for people.

A Win Win Win.

Students Win with class delivered to them anywhere anytime on any topic.
Teachers and Instructors win buy reaching their existing customers and finding new customers to build a sustainable helpful business.
I win when my customers, Teachers, Instructors, Students are successful.